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Good Morning, Friends. I'm super upset about a deal I posted last week that many of you purchased...

so let's talk about it.

This deal: = 3 Boys UA Tees for $24 + Free Shipping with code. Well, in the last few days, I've had several of you reach out to say you did NOT receive 3 assorted 'surprise tees' as promoted, but rather 3 of THE EXACT SAME TEE.

I immediately reach out to my rep and explain what's happened. She not only didn't apologize, but 'passed the buck' - "not her fault", told me I needed to be more "respectful" in my emails and that she'd "look into it". Ummm......EXCUSE ME???? This response sent me off the edge. I finally get through to her manager and he tells me that it's an issue with their fulfillment center: members can do one of two things 1. Return tees 'for free' to get new ones 2. Get an online credit without returning tees. My response, "why wouldn't you send my members 2 additional tees and give them what you promoted?" I was told, "they would think about that option."'s what I think....I will no longer be partnering with Proozy. I'm so embarrassed about this and this is NOT HOW I DO BUSINESS. Your trust means everything to me!! You trust me to find you the best deal. You trust me to save you and your family money. And you trust me to have your back and make things right when they aren't.

I'm sorry I can't make things right in this situation. But, please know - it's not for a lack of trying. Please accept my apology and know I will not continue to work with a brand that doesn't value you and your hard earned money the way I do.

xoxo, Kim

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