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‼️RESTOCKED‼️ 40oz Stanely Tumbler

‼️RESTOCKED‼️ My beloved 40oz Stanely Tumbler with the Handle is back in TONS of color options!!! ad: I'm obsessed with mine. I challenge myself to drink all 40z by noon every day and then another 40oz throughout the day. Also bonus points that it fits in my car cup holder. No, this one doesn't go on sale. It's way too hard to find. Yes, it's $40, but with every penny, IMO. I use it EVERYDAY and it helps me intake 80oz of water. Like, come'on 💦

While you're there, be sure to shop around for the 'Buy More, Save More' event - $15 OFF $75 or $25 OFF $100

Pricing and promotions subject to change at anytime. Click the link for current pricing. Some posts contain affiliate links and I earn a small commission that does not affect the sale price to you! Thanks for your support!

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