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Ever experience the natural high of scoring a MAJOR deal on something?? It’s one of the best feelings!

I’ve always been passionate about stretching a dollar, in fact, my husband tells a funny story about when we first started dating. I had just got a new place and wanted to go shopping for some home items. I purchased a paper towel holder and some kitchen essentials at TJ Maxx. Afterwards, we walked next door to Home Goods where I found a similar paper towel holder $5 cheaper. I immediately I purchased it and returned the other one. My husband says that experience was one of the reasons he fell in love with me. Haha!!

Now, as a mom of two young toddlers and wife, I pride myself on saving our family money and finding the best deals.


Kim’s Cart was born after I realized my knack for saving and my desire to help others do the same. I want to create a positive, fun, community and be a blessing to others! My goal is simple - to save busy women time and money.

I hope you enjoy my page!! If you do, be sure to invite other budget savvy women in your life.

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